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Adwords Service

WordPress Development

You may choose WordPress for its flexibility, its boatload of themes and plugins, or even for its SEO capabilities. But choose NerdPilots to get the most out of all these features. We’ll build you a new website, fix your current one, enhance speed and performance, update plugins and themes, integrate WooCommerce, anything you need.

Wix Development

Super easy to use and e-commerce ready, Wix is popular with website owners looking for a gentle learning curve. It’s not as flexible as WordPress, but the content management system is super easy to use. We’re here to hold your hand through the website set-up process, through customizations, integrations and maintenance 24/7.

Squarespace Development

Stunning websites without hiring a designer? Squarespace is known for its beautiful website designs, its easy content management and fast customizations. Your Squarespace website will be mobile-friendly and e-commerce-ready from the start. Rely on us to help you with the website set-up, customizations, integrations and maintenance 24/7.

Laravel Development

The best PHP Framework? Some people think so. What we like best about Laravel are its security features and the very rich set of functionalities which boost the speed of web development. It helps us build scalable, safe, easily-manageable, beautifully-coded websites in no time.

Symfony Development

Platforms such as phpBB, Drupal, Magento and eZ Publish use Symfony components. That says a lot about the reputation of this popular PHP framework. We recommend it for its flexibility and the fact that it allows us to build complex websites that are practical as well as beautiful.

Node.js Development

A light and scalable platform, Node.js is a rockstar JavaScript framework that we recommend for projects in need of fast execution speed and real-time data. Such projects may include travel and booking websites, online stores, chat and interactive web applications. We’re equipped to handle them all.


Fast Delivery & Easy Project Management

Thanks to our client portal, there will be no more back and forth long and messy email chains. Our platform makes it easier than ever to get quick and efficient web development help.

Your Own Developer

Work with the same developer or team of developers every time. They know your project inside and out.

Fast Quotes & Flexible Pricing

Get a quote or answers about your project within minutes. Depending on your needs, we can split up a big project in monthly payments or set up an hourly rate for an ongoing project.

Support 24/7/365

We’re great in an emergency. Plus, our developers are ready to match your schedule, so you aren’t waiting around for answers. We work when you do.

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