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Meta Description Setup


A meta description tag is like a really small summary of your web page (150-160 characters long). It shows up in Google search results, influencing click-through rates, so you may want to make it read like a small piece of advertising.



Setting up meta tags in your website’s code will improve your rankings in search results because those small pieces of text will tell Google and your potential visitors what your site is all about. Both meta descriptions and meta keywords influence click-through rates, so you should make sure you’ve done your research when you write them. Include relevant keywords and quality information about your page or your business.


The Meta Description setup process includes:

  1. – Determining the most suitable meta description manager for the case.
  2. – Installing the meta description tool.
  3. – Inserting all the meta descriptions submitted by client.
  4. – Checking the description for any incompatibility issues.


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