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Shopify Support Services 24/7


  • The Tune-Up

  • $397

    /fixed cost
  • Make my Shopify website load fast!

    Increased performance for a fixed price.

    • Improve page-loading times
    • Enhance website performance
  • The Customization

  • $69

  • Add some custom features!

    Custom work with expert developers.

    • Custom plugins, themes and functionality
    • Custom development for new or existing Shopify websites

Need Ongoing Shopify Support?

  • Pro

  • $397

  • Everything you need to get started.

    10 hours of development work

    • Hours are non-accumulative
    • Dedicated Shopify Developer
    • Next business day delivery
  • Business

  • $997

  • When you need EVERYTHING.

    20 hours of development work

    • Hours are non-accumulative
    • Same day delivery
    • Everything included in the Pro Plan

Not what you were looking for?

We’re as adaptable as we are good at all this development stuff. Surely, we can come up with a competitive mix of services for your Shopify website

Contact us for a custom offer!

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Frequently Asked Questions

01 Where should I start?

It depends what your website needs. Looking for help with a single issue (either a quick fix or a customization issue)? Start with the one-time Shopify support packs at the top of this page. Neeed more complex help or long-term support? Consider one of the ongoing Shopify support options above. In addition, you can always contact us to discuss your specific needs and to receive a custom offer.


We can help with quick fixes as much as we can assure regular maintenance and custom development for your Shopify website. Thanks to our user-friendly client portal, no matter which Shopify support pack you choose, the signup process and task assignment are easy to master. Click on the “Let’s Get Started” button and let’s get started!

02 Can you help me make custom changes to my Shopify website?

Sure we can. We recommend contacting us to discuss your customization ideas and to receive a fitting quote. We can carry out any type of custom development and even build you a new Shopify website if that is what you want.

03 What constitutes an emergency fix?

Any issue (big or small) that may come up in the functionality of your current Wix website calls for an emergency fix. All our ongoing Shopify Support plans cover an unlimited number of emergency fixes, You may want to consider them if you’re looking for long-term peace of mind.

04 Do you really provide 24/7 support?

YES. That’s something we offer no matter the maintenance plan that you choose. Our project-management platform makes it easy for you to assign tasks and raise issues on your schedule. We do our best to solve priority-marked issues ASAP (in 1-2 hours), while other less urgent support queries get solved in 3-4 hours, depending on complexity, of course.

05 What do I do if I need more help than my current plan offers?

You get in touch with us. When you do, we’ll figure out together what type of Shopify support you need and come up with the best way to provide it. It may be as easy as purchasing another one-time fix, or as effective as switching you to a new plan.

06 What do you do if my site gets hacked?

When you subscribe to any of our ongoing Shopify support, we start monitoring your website 24/7 and we’ll notify you of any issues we’ve detected. If your website gets hacked, we mark the issue as high priority, remove any malicious code and get it up and running again. Worst case scenario, we restore the full website from the latest backup.

07 Do you build SEO-optimized Shopify websites?

A first time overview of the website you subscribed the plan for is included in the Business Plan upon subscription. When taking care of basic coding issues like 404 errors, empty links, up-time and other issues reported by you we make sure to avoid the base bigger SEO penalization your site may get.

1. For speed optimization we have a separate service for it or you can use the allocated hours on your Pro or Business plan for it.
2. We do not provide in-depth on-page and off-page SEO optimization.

08 Can you make my website load faster?

Yes we can! The updates and maintenance tasks on our plans help speed and performance by themselves and you can also make specific requests using the development hours that are included in the Pro and  Business ongoing WordPress support plans, but if you’re looking for a one-off upgrade, you can choose the one-time Tune-Up service package.

09 Do you provide hosting?

We do provide hosting, but hosting services are not  included in any of the one-time and ongoing Shopify support plans. For more details about the NerdPilots hosting plans, please contact us or visit our hosting page.

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